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Does a Project Have EB-5 Potential?

By: Dan Shields, President, AscendAmerica

As the owner of a USCIS-approved Regional Center, you’d be surprised to hear me say that EB-5 may not work for you, and sometimes, it’s just not worth the investment.  But while EB-5 is a great avenue to finance many real estate development projects, it is not efficient for every...
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EB-5 and the Developer’s Bottom Line

by Dan Shields, President AscendAmerica

The EB-5 program has provoked significant scrutiny of late. The media has described the program as the sale of green cards to rich Chinese nationals who are lured by the attractiveness of permanent residency in the U.S. to invest in questionable projects .

If The EB-5 Program Has So Much Negative...

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Avantages du Programme EB-5

En 1990, le Congrès américain a mis en place le Programme des immigrants investisseurs EB-5 comme une mesure destinée à stimuler l’économie américaine à travers la création d’emplois. Ce programme permet aux ressortissants étrangers d’obtenir un titre de séjour permanent valable aux États-Unis – dans l’espoir d’obtenir in fine la nationalité – par le biais...
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