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Signing or not signing?

While EB-5 financing is an attractive source of funding, developers must be cautious in order to protect themselves from legal, financial and reputational risk.

AscendAmerica‘s disciplined and comprehensive approach to structuring and fundraising allows us to develop creative EB-5 investment structures that benefit developers while mitigating their exposure to unnecessary risk.

Our comprehensive method involves a “Pre”B-5 evaluation to determine EB-5 viability, a no-conflicts approach and a compliant and transparent process.


All proposed projects are vetted by our staff and evaluated based on a multitude of criteria as to whether an EB-5 capital raise is appropriate and beneficial for them.


  • Developer does not own or control the private equity fund that raises the capital which eliminates the veil of impropriety and shields the developer from potential liability.
  • Legal Counsel for the fund does not represent other parties in the transaction – including individual EB-5 investors – so that each party’s interests are properly protected.


  • Offerings are exempt from SEC registration.
  • Subscribers are solicited with fully transparent Private Placement memorandum, disclosing all material risk and payments to GP, Regional Center and/or intermediaries.
  • Where appropriate, a Finra-registered Broker-dealer is retained to manage and administer fund raising.

Having earned their reputation through years in the finance, law and credit industries, Developers know the AscendAmerica team and trust them to act with integrity.

Partnering with AscendAmerica, alleviates the burden on developer staff, protects the developer from legal liability and eliminates potential conflicts of interest.  This allows the developer to concentrate on what it does best: Development.