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As experienced developers begin to welcome EB-5 capital as a component of their financing strategy, they continue to pay attention to risk – legal, financial and reputational – and exert considerable effort to mitigate it. While the EB-5 program is steeped in immigration law, an understanding of securities, tax and other corporate law is critical.

Prudent and judicious developers seek a Regional Center partner that they know and trust. Management must understand the developer’s business in order to underwrite their projects appropriately and effectively. The operators of the Regional Center must be familiar with – and committed to – strict regulatory compliance.

AscendAmerica was built on the principles of steadfast compliance and integrity with an understanding that in today’s business and regulatory environment, those are the fundamental keys to success.

Recognized in the industry as a creative dealmaker who under-promises and over-delivers, AscendAmerica’s founder, Dan Shields, has the track record, experience, reputation and integrity demanded by accomplished and pragmatic real estate developers. His legal and credit background give him the tools to underwrite and structure risk at acceptable levels. He is adept at anticipating potential problems and creating solutions in advance.

Drawing on years of experience in real estate finance and law, and a global network of high net worth investors and wealth managers, the AscendAmerica team designs creative investment structures that aim to achieve or exceed our clients’ goals while remaining strictly compliant with all legal and regulatory requirements.  This distinct, disciplined approach mitigates developers’ exposure to legal, financial and reputational risk, while providing them with access to an attractive source of capital.

Dan is one of only a handful of EB-5 professionals fully licensed to structure, promote and sell EB-5 investment opportunities in the United States.